2018 has seen many big trends explode in popularity from the return of the classic coloured square tile to mixing other materials with tiles, like wood floors with marble effect hexagon tiles. 2019 is set to continue with the growth and development of new trends.

We are going to explore the wonderful world of tile trends that will impact 2019. Will, you adopt any of these trends in your home? We would love to hear if you are.

Patterned Tiles

Creating a statement in a room is easy with patterned tiles. 2019 will see patterned tiles grow in popularity as more homeowners look to include patterned tiles in their projects. In recent years we have seen tiles like the Devonstone range from British Ceramic Tile dominate our Instagram and Pinterest feeds with their striking designs. 2019 will see more of these strong, bold patterns emerge with a focus on creating a focal point in the room.

Patterned tiles work great when combined with a plan tile. In 2018 the most popular trend was mixing metro tiles with the Devonstone tiles and creating a strong feature floor with basic but modern walls with the classic metro tiles. 2019 will see this trend continue and we cannot wait to see what manufacturers will launch in 2019.


2018 saw the rise in mustard yellow and rich purples take over. We saw these colours being used as accent colours for rooms with small decorative pieces and patterns adorning walls and floors to create statements within a room. In 2019 we will see greens appearing more and more in homes as the "bringing the outdoors in" trend continues to grow.

It's not just green that we will see. More and more homeowners are looking to create bold statements in their homes by injecting small colour accents. We are likely to see many colours appearing in feature tiles as well as home accessories which will drastically improve the visual appeal of a room.


Recently marble has been one of the most popular stone effect tiles to appear in homes. Marble effect tiles create high detail, accurate marble effects which look just like the real thing. Many homeowners combined this with copper, rose gold and matte black fittings and fixtures which added a touch of class and elegance to the home.

In 2019 we will continue to see the marble trend to continue, and with the advancements made in digital printing for tiles, we are likely to see even more realistic tiles hit the market and enter into peoples homes.

Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are set to become one of the biggest hits in 2019 with the rise in popularity of the unique, rustic tiles. Zellige tiles are handcrafted tiles made from non-refined natural clay from the Fez region in Morocco. The natural clay is kneaded with water and moulded by hand and to create the un-even, hand-made look.

2019 will be the year of the zellige tile as more manufacturers develop their own tiles and the true beauty of the tile, with its strong colours, will make its way into many homes.


Terracotta tiles are not new. They have been around for some time and are traditionally made by hand. Terracotta will appear in many homes in the form of terracotta effect tiles. As many homes look to introduce a rustic, farmhouse-like feel into their home, they will look to use terracotta colours tiles and terracotta effect tiles to create this look without the hassle of the real tiles.

Vertical Tiles

It is not just going to be about styles and colours in 2019. We will see different layouts being adopted by homeowners in ways to create striking conversation starters in their home. By carefully choosing the right pattern you can take simple tiles, like metro tiles, and create a beautiful feature.

In 2018 we saw herringbone patterns appear more and more, but in 2019 we will see the vertical layout rise up. The vertical pattern will see simple tiles, like wood effect, metro and brick tiles place vertically up a wall. This is most commonly used to create a feature in a bathroom or kitchen which draws your eyes to the main feature of the room like a beautiful light or mirror.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are tipped to become one of the biggest trends in tile design for many years. Terrazzo tiles are comprised of marble, quartz, granite and glass chips poured into a cementitious binder, creating a strong but beautiful tile.

Quartz tiles have been around for many years and have been used in bathrooms and kitchens all around the world. Terrazzo is set to replace quartz tiles with its similar style and feel.

Penny Round Tiles

Mosaics have been the go-to tile for many designers wanting to create features within bathrooms and kitchens. However, most mosaics have never caught the eye of many homeowners. Penny round mosaic tiles are small ceramic or glass tiles, about the size of a penny, laid out on a mesh which creates a strong pattern.

We will see penny round mosaic tiles in many colours and styles in 2019. We have started to see them already appearing on Instagram and Pinterest in many bold and vibrant colours as well as pastel colours. Expect to see various shades of green being used with muted, natural tones in bathrooms soon.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are set to stay in 2019, with the trend moving towards larger sizes and more feature patterns. In 2018 we saw hexagon tiles in a variety of colours, styles and materials, however, most hexagon tiles came in one size. In 2019 this is set to change as large format hexagon tiles will rise up and create strong honeycomb patterns in our homes.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles, the tile which some have said will drop in popularity. Well, in 2019 we are going to see the basic metro tile grow with new styles, designs and formats available.

One notable trend will be the long and narrow metro tiles which will be used in a variety of layouts to add character to a room without breaking your budget. Metro tiles will continue to be used in the same fashion that they have in recent years, but some homeowners will experiment with new layouts and designs which should create some very interesting installations.

If you would like to find out more about metro tiles, you can read our guide to metro tiles here.

Scale Tiles

Scale tiles started to rise to fame in 2018 with some manufacturers developing uniquely shaped tiles. Scale tiles are designed to create strong feature walls, usually in bathrooms, with their fish scale-like design. However, these tiles commanded a high price tag.

Manufacturers are set to launch more budget-friendly versions in 2019 with many new styles, finishes and colours.


2018 was amazing for tile design trends, however, 2019 is set to be even better with many new styles, designs and colours as well a twists on many classic tile designs. We are looking forward to seeing what homeowners are going to do with all these new fresh designs set for launch in 2019.

If you are looking to start a tiling project in 2019 and are looking for truly unique and on-trend tiles, why not start with one of the tiles listed above.


Ryan King