Is it imperative for you to clean the grout and tiles in your toilet or kitchen? These useful guidelines will help to make the chore quite simple in the long run.

Essential Steps:

  • The discoloration procedure is going to be slowed down by maintaining the grout and tiles on a regular basis and this will likewise prevent the growth of mold too
  • It will be possible to clean grout and white tiles effectively with the help of cleaning agents which contain bleach such as Domestos Bleach Spray. Make it a point to abide by the safety regulations mentioned on the label of the product
  • It will likewise be possible to scrub grout using an out-dated toothbrush

Tiles can serve as the centerpiece of your toilet or kitchen given that they will a much better alternative to a simple wall decoration or flooring. It will be possible to maintain the impressive appearance of the tiles by means of cleaning grout. Although marks will not be usually visible on black grout, grey as well as white grouting are capable of getting stained quite easily and can spoil the appearance of a room even though it might be clean. Besides this, attention must also be given to the tiles on a regular basis and you should purchase a top-quality tile cleaner to accomplish the job successfully.

It will be possible to maintain the cleanliness of your toilet tiles as well as grout by using bleach. You can be assured of the fact that your toilet will not appear to be dirtier than what it actually is by employing an exclusively manufactured cleaning product consisting of bleach such as the previously mentioned Domestos Bleach Spray.

What Tile Grout Cleaner is required by me?

It is entirely up to you to decide what type of tile grout cleaner you want to go for. Fantastic results will be offered by top-quality commercial items such as Cif Power & Shine Bathroom and for this, you need not exert a lot of effort whatsoever. However, in case you like to go for something which is homemade, you also have other options available to you. It is imperative to make certain that you do not blend different cleaning solutions together such as combinations of vinegar and bleach which can prove to be toxic.

  • You'll come across various brands on the market which provide exclusive grout cleaning solutions that will help to restore your grout?s brightness once again. While searching for different options, it will be sensible to go for one which features anti-fungal attributes that will aid in minimizing the rate of mold development, particularly in toilets where steamy and warm conditions encourage the development of fungus.
  • According to some property owners out there, it will be possible to clean grout with the help of bleach products given that it can be quite useful when it comes to light grey as well as white grouts. In fact, chlorine bleach plus oxygen beach have a reputation for their grout and tile cleaning capabilities although one should handle them carefully. Moreover, it will not be desirable to use them on black or any other colored grouts since they might be having a fading effect. Make sure to abide by the directions mentioned on the label of any cleaning solution on the market. In case you do not like the idea of using bleaching products for cleaning tiles, you can always try out your personal natural tile cleaner. In fact, you can use acids like those present in vinegar for cleaning grout. Baking soda, because of its whitening properties, will also come of use right here. All you need will be to blend both of these products so as to prepare an effectual cleaning solution for grouts and tiles and wait until a thick paste is formed which you can easily apply to the grout.

Make use of biocides in a risk-free manner. However, do not forget to go through the product information as well as label prior to using the product.

Top 5 Sure-fire Grout Cleaning Guidelines

The type of cleaning solution will play a major role when it comes to cleaning grout; it likewise depends on the methods used by you for removing the stains. Applying a solution will probably be the most effective way of getting rid of grime and dirt, and you should also provide it with adequate time for soaking prior to scrubbing it off. Below, we have mentioned a comprehensive step-by- step guide:

  • Make use of a mop or dry broom for wiping across your tiles, or you can also use a dry piece of cloth for wiping the wall tiles prior to commencing the cleaning process of the grout. This will help to eliminate all the dust and grime which might have accumulated, thus making your grout appear much better.
  • The cleaning solution selected by you has to be applied to the grout and you need to make sure that you have covered all the areas. However, you might get better results by applying the solution on a regular basis while it soaks in. There is no need to saturate your floor; nevertheless, it will be a sensible idea to ensure that the crevices have been covered properly.
  • Leave your tile cleaner like that for approximately half an hour which will be sufficient for loosening the stains thus making it very easy to remove them.
  • Make use of a brush featuring hard bristles for cleaning the grout by scrubbing. You'll come across several do-it-yourself outlets which market grout brushes; however, your old toothbrush can likewise do the job for you. Just bear in mind that you should not use it for cleaning your teeth later on!
  • Use clean water for rinsing the wall or the floor, and then dry it comprehensively. In case there is any stain that is refusing to go away, it might be imperative for you to repeat the procedure again and again so as to get the desired results.

Guidelines for Cleaning Tiles

It is almost an identical process when it comes to cleaning tiles. Specialized tile cleaning solutions are being marketed by several outlets at present; however, you can always go for bleach prepared by you on your own or maybe an identical thick paste consisting of water and baking soda. In case you have got marble tiles, it will be advisable to go for a mild dishwashing soap given that acidic products including vinegar might lead to severe damage. Besides the bothersome areas of dirt as well as caked-on food items, there is no need for scrubbing vigorously while cleaning grout. A decent piece of cloth will do it for you.

Cleaning Toilet Tiles

It can be quite bothersome and annoying to clean bathroom tiles given that it might appear that the grout has lost its color once it has been cleaned. Toilet tiles - particularly the wall tiles surrounding a toilet or shower cubicle - are likewise susceptible to the development of mold which is especially evident in grouts of white and other lighter shades. Although white vinegar will be effective for taking care of the mold, it will be a better idea to go for a tile cleaning agent featuring more inhibitors which will help to prevent further development of mold. It will be imperative to clean on a regular basis so that these inhibitors are able to function to their full potential.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Maintenance

Make it a point to incorporate grout and tile cleaning as an integral part of your day to day cleaning resume so that grout takes a considerable amount of time for losing its color. Vacuuming your tile flooring regularly will be a prudent idea, and you also can wipe or mop once every week. You can likewise employ a steam cleaner on the tiles from time to time so as to reduce the accumulation of dirt. Do not waste any time when it comes to cleaning up the spills which will help to thwart stain from getting stuck on the flooring.

You will be able to enhance the appearance of your toilet or kitchen significantly by cleaning grout and tiles regularly, and this will help to make the room appear much cleaner, brighter, not to mention bigger as well. Use these guidelines to your advantage so as to get the desired results.


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