What is a Rectified Tile?

A rectified tile is a tile that has had all of the edges mechanically finished to create a more precise edge. This clean edge allows you to push the tiles up against each other and does not require grouting. Most rectified tiles are large format.

What is a Tile?

A tile is a hard, durable floor covering typically made from ceramic, porcelain, glass & natural stone. Tiles are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms.

What is a Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles made from a denser clay that has a much lower absorption rate than ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles come either glazed or unglazed. You can read more about the pros and cons of ceramic and porcelain tiles here.

What is a Ceramic Tile?

A ceramic tile is made from clay that gets fired at high temperatures to harden the material. Ceramic tiles are typically more fragile than their porcelain counterparts.

What is a Metro Tile?

A metro tile is a small brick shaped tile featuring either a flat or bevelled shape made from ceramic. Metro tiles are most commonly glazed and come in a variety of colours and styles. You can read more about metro tiles in our metro tiles guide.

What is Crackle Glaze Tile?

Crackle glaze tiles go through a process known as crazing. Crazing creates fine cracks in the glaze on the tile. Crazing happens naturally over time, an in the last few decades has been artificially reproduced. The fine cracks in the surface help reflect the light and create a sparkling effect on your walls.

What is a Glass Tile?

A glass tile is very similar to porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, they are made from toughened glass.

What is a Full-Bodied Tile?

Most tiles come glazed. However, you can purchase tiles which are known as full-bodied tiles. Full-bodied tiles made from the same material throughout and the colour is consistent through the entire tile. This means if you scratch or chip the tiles surface, the damage will not be as visible as glazed tiles, as the tile is a consistent colour throughout.

What is a Tile Biscuit?

The biscuit of the tile is found on glazed tiles. The biscuit is the main base of the tile which the glaze layer is applied too. The biscuit is usually made from clay or porcelain.

What is a Tile Glaze?

The tile glaze is an impervious layer/coating of a vitreous material which is fused to the biscuit of a tile through firing. The glaze typically protects the tile, adds colour and provides a surface on which a design can be printed.

What is a Polished Finished Tile?

A polished finished tile is made from unglazed porcelain or stone and is mechanically polished to provide a flat, shiny finish. Polished tiles are typically less slip resistant than their matt finished counterparts.

What is a Matt Finished Tile?

Matt finished tiles are much less smooth than other finishes, providing better grip than gloss tiles. Matt tiles are typically used on floors.

What is a Satin Finished Tile?

Satin finish tiles are a cross between matt and polished/gloss tiles. They have a smooth, soft texture, but keep most of the slip-resistant properties of matt tiles. Satin tiles are also easier to clean than matt tiles.

What is an Anti-Slip Tile?

An anti-slip tile is a tile which features a rough texture which reduces the risk of an object or person from slipping on its surface. Most anti-slip tiles come in one of five anti-slip ratings: R9, R10, R11, R12, R13. R9 being the less grippy while R13 is the most grippy.

What is Shade Variation?

Shade variation in tiles is when tiles that are manufactured by the same manufacturer vary in colour or shade between batches. This is very common within tiles and is why many retailers recommend that you quote the batch ID of the tiles you purchased when you look to order more.

What is Grout?

Grout is a mortar or paste which is designed to fill the gaps between tiles creating a seal. You can find out more about grout and how to calculate how much you need with our guide to calculating how much grout you need.

What is Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive is the paste which is applied to a surface on which tiles are placed on top. This adhesive allows the tiles to stick to the base floor and can help absorb impacts.

What is a Split Face Tile?

Split face tiles are made from multiple strips of materials, usually natural stone or wood, which has been cut to different lengths and thicknesses to give a textured look.

What is a Natural Stone Tile?

A natural stone tile is very similar to a ceramic tile but is made from natural stones like granite, slate and limestone. Natural stone tiles are cut from larger stones rather than cast/molded like ceramic and porcelain tiles.


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